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What To Expect

NEW FEATURED PROJECT! You can follow along our video series to build The DIY Workout bar for free, or create an account and get a Premium subscription to view:

  • A parts list, including links to purchase the items.
  • Written, step-by-step instructions.
  • Access to an 'economy' calculator to determine how much it will cost to make the project.

Along with videos on how to make The DIY Workout Bar, we also provide a video showing how to exercise with the bar, so that you have some ideas right off the bat.

Workout Bar Design Features

The DIY Tripod Workout Bar allows you to perform exercises in your home for a very low cost. The weighted bar has handles and is comfortable to use. The DIY Workout Bar has three designs to allow for a choice in the amount of weight you are using:

  • 2" Diameter - 15 Lb
  • 3" Diameter - 35 Lb
  • 4" Diameter - 60 Lb